Thursday, April 25, 2013

10,000 Reasons.....

So today I received so many messages of encouragement, wisdom and support from so many friends and loved ones about our little girl.   The past 6 months for our family has been less than boring in the health department.  Well lets be real, the last 5 years. No matter, we continue to push forward gaining strength from none other than the one above.

2 weeks ago in front of friends and family I was water baptized.  The irony of such a ceremony of peace in a time of anything but.  It was in this moment that I found a new confidence.  A longing to seek his face more than any time in my entire life.  The reality that I control nothing and he holds everything in his hands seemed so simple in that moment, yet so difficult to wrap my head around for years before.

I can't say the minute my past was clean, I was redeemed pushed the restart button.  Bad times didn't fade away, my life still holds obstacles and fears.  Yet I have a new confidence slowly to face these times and the change I feel has been amazing.  There I see that God is working, he is renewing my mind, my spirit and the Holy Spirit speaks to me daily.  Something I had always longed for yet never heard.

To know how differently the thoughts that go through my mind are, my reactions hold a new maturity. I want to scream out, whatever lies before me I can do this.  For someone who has provided so many miracles in my life I owe him my praise. 

Giving your life to Christ isn't easy in a world that is leaning to rebuke his name.  To raise our kids under his name has almost become a crime.  Yet I will push forward praising him, calling others to him and showing the world through my life alone what he can and is capable of doing.  Not only in situations, but in our minds and spirit.

 I pray for all of you so often.  I'm dedicating this year to a committed prayer time where I would love for you to share your requests with me and allow me to ask him to work in your life as he has in mine.  They say it is much easier to humble yourself, before he chooses to humble us.  I would have to agree.  I know in my heart the Lord will find everyone I love, the work he has started in each of us will continue until completion. Yet I hope so many choose to do the surrendering, and let him work much sooner.  Nothing will be as rewarding. 

This song has become my go to song for worship.  I always tell myself Let me still worship him when the evening comes, no matter what lies in my day.  He is worth all of it! 10,000 reasons in fact:) Until Later......