Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Never say Never.....10 "Never's of Parental Bliss"

If I knew then what I know now.  Never say never.  Quote every Mom at the thought of conception should adopt.  Not because you are setting yourself up for failure, but because you are preparing yourself for what is to come. I've found the most laughter in looking back at what I used to believe and what I know now.  Wish I would have taken to heart the words of preparation from most Moms, instead of trying to be the warrior Mom I've proved I am surely not.

10 "Nevers" of Parental Bliss.........

1. Never say you won't get "the blues".  You will! Maybe not labeled that, but you will find the times that you sit to yourself and beat yourself up about feeling sad and not beyond blissed at this beautiful miracle you brought into this world.  Hormones are evil, and Motherhood is stressful.  No you may not want to run to the next state and hide, but you will be sad at times of the lack of "you" that you will find. Comes with the territory.

2. I will never let my child sleep with me.  You will.  At one point or another your little tot will cry to cuddle with you.  The first time will be bliss, the 10 times after will be your worst nightmare.  You will have to retrain all while telling yourself this is just a phase.  Look it's natural in your exhausted confusion to let down your guard.  Be prepared for the hard work and exhaustion after.

3. You will call your Mom over and over for advice.  We all like to think that we will do things so differently or we got this new age parenting down.  Let me tell you My Mom is my first call when things go wrong.  Not because she can run 10 hours in a hurry to help me, because there is always comfort behind her words.  Let me tell you those little kids will call you one day too.  Relish in it.

4. You will take your cute little girl shopping in "gasp" her pj's. Yep it's true. I've taken Pres out no socks, no bow yikes and sweet potato stained all over her jammie top.  When you are totting two around in three years, trust me the last things you care about is what Giggle Moon outfit she is sporting, thank God for Carters.

5. You will put your marriage to the side.  I adore my husband and it truly wasn't until the second that this held true.  When time is precious and survival is of importance to you-- both kids do come between "you time."  It's sad, but also a blessing.  When you finally realize it you can then bring it to God and be conscious of it making your marriage better for it.  Yet you will go through a rough patch, be armed and prepared.  You will see yourself through if you hold on to what is important.

6. You will take things personally.  When your kids do wrong you will at one point and time look in the mirror questioning yourself.  You are your worst enemy and I hate to say this you will defend your kid and look past the obvious at times.  No parent likes to see their kids mishaps, and the second it is brought to your attention you suddenly shrink a few inches and buy every parenting book imaginable....it's normal.

7. Google is the Devil.  My children and me have had rocky spotted mountain fever, Bird flu, and shingles all in the same week.  Type in symptoms into this little search monster and you will be on the lovely happy pills before you know it.  Trust me I"m living proof.  Nothing scares you more than your kids getting sick and you will want to be fully informed on how to save them.  Just know Google is not God and sometimes it's ok to let the doctor diagnose.

8. You WILL bribe your kids, negotiate and "try to talk" your kids out of a tantrum at one point and time. Those that say never you are lying.  Especially in the long grocery line as your child is throwing every item out of your cart screaming bloody murder....of course I have no experience at this (wink)

9.Disney, Nick Jr will be your babysitter more than you would like.  Anyone that says that your kids don't watch cartoons you are superwoman.  I would not be clean and showered if I didn't have these wonderful tools.  In fact I'm pretty proud I'm certain between Oomi Zoomi and Dora my child fully knows how to count to 10.  So I'm accepting of it.

10.  Last but not least, you will survive.  From the moment they are born and crying hours upon hours through the night.  To the not eating phases, to the terrible twos and I know many more phases to go.  Rest assured you will survive.  No one has died from the parenting parasite, but I can't promise it's easy.  To Love this much isn't without a price.  You will never worry this much, cry this often, laugh this hard, feel so deep or pray so hard.  Never say I can't do this or I won't survive.  I always say God doesn't give us more than we can handle, parenting is proof positive of that:)

All Moms all together.....AMEN

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend will find many happy ladies out there soaking up the praise of what a great job they are doing.  How loved they are and finally feeling appreciated for the 24 hour work they do to make the circle turn.  Haggard Moms everywhere will finally or hopefully get a day to themselves.  No diaper changes, no soccer runs and no feeding anyone but themselves.  Or at least that is how it should be.  Yet this time every year I think of the different group of ladies. The ones I used to be a part of.  I like to call them the in between clan. 

The ones who sit waiting, wondering when it will be their time to celebrate one of life's greatest achievements.  Becoming a Mom.  Maybe they face the silent and sometimes shameful demon of infertility.  They sit back and watch as their friends, siblings and relatives have so much to be thankful for and all they can do is sit and pray.  That maybe this time next year life will take a miraculous turn for them and they too can join play dates, Mom Groups and feel a part of the nations largest club.

I understand this well because 4 years ago I sat where they do, and I was so very sad.  I wanted so much to get a Mothers Day card, I wanted a holiday to celebrate, and I wanted to fit in.  I know how much it hurts and how doubtful our faith can get.  I sat with 3 years of infertility and if that test wasn't tough enough, Cancer struck on top of it.  Not just any cancer, cervical cancer the one cancer that can surely in a minute stop your chances of ever carrying a child. Not once but twice it reoccurred in that 2 year span.  4 surgeries later, many trips to fertility specialists after oncology appointments...and many prayers said I opted against fertility totally.  The holy spirit kept whispering hold on, I have plans for you.  Let me tell you the greatest listening I ever did, was the day I stood up and walked out of the last specialist and said I just can't do this. 

6 months later God rewarded me, I saw the pink line.  Nothing short of a miracle, but the testing wasn't over.  5 months in we almost lost our first and precious angel.  We had to make a decision in less than 5 minutes to either proceed with an emergency surgery or let this pregnancy go and tackle the next beforehand if it came.   We opted for the miraculous surgery that not only saved my son's life, yet also withstood a whole other pregnancy 2 years later.  In which God blessed us with a baby girl.

I have always had faith, but when you sit in that moment you have to believe.  All the odds were stacked against us...yet we believed.  We believed God would perform miracles, move mountains.  He did!  He gave us not only one child, but two.  Not only a boy, but a girl.  He knew our plan far beyond what we could see.  I always think of the story of Sarah in the bible.  Not able to conceive for years God told them to wait and see what he could do. No doubt at a older age God followed through with his promise.  Nothing is impossible for those who wait with faith.

So on this weekend I absolutely am always humbled and reminded of God's goodness, his power and his mercy.  I also pray very hard for those women who sit desperately wanting children who have no clue what their future holds.  I pray God places his miraculous hands on them and more importantly they listen to what he promises.  It's truly worth the wait.  

So happy Mother's Day you beautiful Mother's out there.  No doubt the hardest job with the most rewards you could ever have.  Much Love....from our Blessings to yours!