Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa it's me Cash man! I have been a great boy this year don't believe all you hear! Mom says you see everything but I only thought God could do that! Anyways, on to the good stuff Christmas goodies! All I love is cars! Cars, cars and more cars! My poor Mom buys me all these new toys she says will help me branch out but I can't help it I just like one thing! Of course I do like Buzz light year as well! I recently have changed my name to Buzz so much cooler than Cash! If it seems like I'm greedy please trade all my word flash cards, DVDs and books my Mom has tried to teach me how to talk! I tried to tell her I had this but she was so worried, boy did I prove her wrong!

As you know I have a new sister Presley! I guess she is sticking around after all! She isn't that bad all she does is smile and laugh at my antics she may be my best fan! Though she can't speak for herself ill speak for her...all she needs is some hair!

Please bring my Daddy anything music a new pair of cowboy boots and take his iPad as trade! His Twitter time is taking away from my play time!

Please Santa make my Mom healthy again! She has been really sick and although I'm loving all my sitter time and Na Na visits the boss of the house has to get back to work!

As for Busty my dog, please give him anything for him to chew! He's killing all my toys! Be safe ho ho and ill leave you some of my cook cooks. ...

Xoxo-Cash Man