Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet and Greet

I'm Doing Great, How bout y'all?
So I'm starting small group tonight.  So rightly called Lies Women tell themselves.   Meet and greet night.  Where we walk in act like perfect Christians, make our first impressions fantastic and Lie to others and ourselves as we so politely say I'm great, how about you?  By the end of the 6 week journey we ditch the cute heels and boots...straggle barely in with a side pony and flip flops and say this day was hell, pure hell.  How bout y'all?

I'm assuming as in all small group first nights we give our bios.  I'm bout to bust loose with mine.  I figure why not be authentic.  Hit them with the hard stuff, you know the truth.  Maybe we can get things going a little faster the right direction.  So here is goes, in all my beautiful glory.

Hi My name is Amanda or Mandy depending on the day.  I am an exhausted, blessed, freak out Mom of two tiny tots not even 2 years apart.  I washed my hair today, some I don't.  I'll try my best to do so before seeing you again.  I'm a stay at home Mom in reality, in pretend I'm a fantastic accomplished writer that believes I"m transforming people's lives each day.  Kinda a Beth Moore kind of day dream.  Really I write a blog with maybe 50 followers, but I have a Vision and my eye is on the prize.

 I'm really not sure what I "like" to do anymore, but I always write down exercise, read, meet up with friends, decorate and spend time with my kids.  It just sounds politically correct.  In all truth I hate, no loathe exercise.  Like seriously my apps gym pact, blog to 5k, and Fitness Pal blink loser, loser, loser.  Still can't figure out darn technology or downward facing dog.  I have so many cute Yoga clothes you can borrow though.

I live away from home. Yes I'm not from here, no I'm a Yankee am I still allowed to be here?  Technically this year I'm neutral 17 years Yankee, 17 below the Mason Dixon Line. YES damn it I'm 34...I know pressing middle age.  So really am I allowed back next week?

I'm a cancer survivor and fight a vicious battle with Autoimmune disease some japenese sounding "hashi" word I refuse to accept.  Cause' to me it's all in the Gluten. Gluten Free solves everything in my mind. I'm a pretty little celiac (self diagnosed), and refuse do you hear me refuse to give up a chicken biscuit....so there you have it I have trouble facing reality. Could we stop and pray right now.

If you aren't scared away yet, I want you to know up front I'm brutally imperfect.  Before kids you would have assumed otherwise, b/c I wanted you to. Mopped floors in heels, beautiful size 2 and I would die trying literally.  Now I see it that if I lower my expectations, you may be pleasantly surprised.  My Mom and I recently had a fight I had crumbs under my couch on her last and short visit, then and there I have no idea where I get the idea of perfectionism. Mind you I still call my Mom 3 times a day.  Ephesians 6: 1-3 living it everyday!

No I love God, I love life, and I'm passionate about EVERYTHING!  I love you and I don't even know you yet, but I do!  I love meeting people and knowing their stories.  Not in a few months or years, like a few minutes. Just give it, I can handle it.

See I'm an open book, in which my husband cringes when my little fingers start typing---(hope he doesn't see this).  I kinda have a thing against ingenious people. If you aren't real, we just shouldn't be friends.  Don't bother raising your hands, I have already probably figured out who you are.  Is that judgemental....again brutally imperfect.

So I'm glad to meet you.  If you need me don't try to call I"m a phone phobic.  I respond to text, emails and am a social media addict.  Feel free to contact me there.  I think my voice box is full and after 6 months I have no intention of clearing it. 


  1. Mandy I think you are a great person. You have such a huge heart. I admit from the outside looking if you look like the kind of chick who has it all together. Perfect house, perfect hair, perfect kids. In reality I know that we all probably have crumbs under our couch. I have dog hair, iPad styli (styluses. whatever) hair ties and makeup brushes that my cats drag around. I love my life and wouldn't change a thing. You are in inspiration to a lot of people who know you and probably some who don't.

  2. Oh I'm soooo un-together, is that a word. Never, ever, ever think otherwise. My house is mortar, my hair is 10 shades of Loreal Feria somethin' that once a year my stylist gets to work on 5 hours to fix, and my kids thank God they are cute. I am more flattered by the fact I've somehow inspired and treated you with a kind heart. For that is what matters and what I want to portray! Much Love