Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A good thought for the day.....

Why, God, Why?
by Jan

Why do bad things happen to some people and why don't they happen to the others? Why does it seem that life is unbearable to some people while the other is having their life quietly and totally undisturbed by anything? Why is life so UNFAIR?

That was exactly the question I used to ask God for too long a time. Why me, God? Why? It seems that you made my life much more troubled than most -- deliberately. Was it my fault?
It made my life dark as hell. But after some time I realized that instead of asking. "Why?" I should ask, "What for?" I should ask, "What is the purpose of what is happening? What are You trying to tell me through this?" It made a difference to me and it will make a difference to you also. You will become able to listen -- and God will ultimately explain to you many things that you are not able to understand right now.
It is easy to blame. But try to look at this from another perspective. God has His own plan for every single soul on the earth. And I am sure that He is especially close to ones who suffer, even if it seems like He is the One who is causing the suffering. What is the plan for you? Ask God and He will answer you. But please, please don't lose the ability to listen. This is my only hope for the future.
We often say that we need to accept other people 'as they are'. We also need to accept God as He is. Why? Because far too often we accept one thing (usually a pleasant one) from God and fail to accept another, tough one. We make an image of a "pocket God" who is supposed to do what we like -- and not do what we don't like. And after some time of such 'relationships' with this so-called God, we find ourselves not able to see Him as a person. Instead we treat Him as if he were a "miracle-stick" (In European folklore you just take the miracle-stick out of your pocket, ask it to do something, and it does it - and then - back to the pocket). But He is not like that. He is a Person -- and the Person who is good for us, even though we not always see how this works.
May this thought comfort you, as it has comforted me. God is good -- and He has a very special plan for you and me. If we don't understand it, let's ask Him and listen. He will answer when the time is right.

Gods greatest warriors......

So I'm always the first to say life is a journey, and even more so readily admit that when you are strengthening your walk with the Lord the most the devil strikes even harder.  So why am I surprised with the status of my life right now.  For all you who don't know. I''m sick.  Not the cancer, have a lot of surgeries and follow up sick---I'm down and out physically sick.  On most days keeping up with my 2 year old and 4 month old feels like defeat from the time I hear Maaa in the crib in the morning.  Worse as I barely get them baths and to bed by 7.  In which I usually follow right behind and pray that I can get the best sleep possible.

There is a first for everything it seems, and mine happened to be an ambulance ride last Tuesday.  If anyone has had Graves Disease or Hyperthyroidism knows it is no joke, and  Thyroid storm wasn't either.  The good news is I finally got my medicine in me and I knew my life was going down hill when you have to buy a pill box.  Yes no laughing matter.  That is me.  Thyroid meds, beta blockers, anxiety pills, and nausea we have them all.  For someone who won't take a vitamin this has been a lifestyle to get used to.  As the ER doctors told me it would take a good 3-4 weeks to work for me that has seemed like eternity.  Most days are an adventure never knowing when the next "adrenaline wave" they like to call them will come.  Only hoping that one of my dear friends, sitters or my husband will be here for the ride with me.

I'm certain I have never been more private until now about something, nor more scared.  I feel like I'm dying some days and others I'm feeling back to normal. It's a cycle of patience of faith and of grace that I'm trying to find so desperately. I never understand the whys of many situations, especially my health issues, but what I do know is God gives his greatest struggles to his bravest warriors.  I hope I fit the bill.

So I ask for prayers.  Prayers for strength mostly, hope and a quick recovery.  As I wait to go Dec. 19th to the Endocrinology team I can find out if I can add another surgery the belt or maybe radioactive therapy. Either way I want to feel better.  Any thyroid patient will tell you it's not easy.  It takes a lot of patience and a good support system. God humbled the girl that fluffed pillows until midnight, super woman after birth and never asked for help. Today I'm screaming HELP from the top of the mountaintops.  Mostly for prayer, great doctors with solutions and for God to take this on for me.  Truly to date the hardest battle, but knowing when I come out of this which I will, there is many true lifestyle changes in store.  Mostly how to enjoy each day, my current situation and just to cherish my health first and foremost.  I urge you all to as well.  I only wish I knew now back then.

Prayers are needed for my family. It's been a really tough journey for us over the past 4 years....and I know the reward is up ahead.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Update on the Bama Zimmers!

Well I know I talk a lot about the fam, but really haven't given many updates lately so here is the synopsis!

The chief, Daddy, is doing good! Traveling more with work and getting to do some pretty neat things! Just went and toured the new Cowboys stadium with HP and Talon folks! Went on the field and his seats were ridiculous! Loves his team at work as we all know, so do I! Excited for Basketball season, depressed about the departure of Dodge in NASCAR and the Bengals failure to show up this year! Working extra hard and looking forward to the Fiscal Cliff in a month (enter sarcasm)

Cash Man- a future preacher we are certain! He can give a sermon like no other although we can't understand a lot of what he is saying! He gets to stay home full time with the girls now...made the executive decision to enjoy him full time while I can! Loves sissy now so much and plays with her all the time! Also very protective when she is upset! Has developed a convenient cough and foot disorder when he wants something! His favorite word is please and what's that! Mostly he is one of the most happiest kids I know! I'm proud of that....

Sissy oh sissy! The true Princess. Life is a cake walk for her it seems! All she does is smile and her eye contact is one for the record books! Never in a hurry and whistles wondering through life it seems truly her fathers child! Laid back its all good attitude! Sweet doesnt describe it. We roll already laugh and babble constant, but I will hold the record for the loudest kids! She is surely contagious I will say that!

Momma is good! Striving each day to Get this momma thing right! Loving her hubby, writing a lot and missing home more than ever! Really challenging myself spiritually...of course as always struggling with health, but I have just decided that may be my platform on this earth! Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism this week we start another battle, but with The Lord this too shall be ok! Already thinking of Christmas Decor and addicted to Pinterest! Only problem is it gives me ideas to hire someone to do it! Again looking forward to the Fiscal Cliff:)

Overall we couldn't be more blessed! Our kids are the coolest and as they say love grows stronger overtime we are surely seeing that play out! Our chaos is a beautiful thing!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prayer Warriors Needed

It's always hard to watch real life dire situations happening to our fellow Americans, but even more so when it is happening to your good friends.  I ask all of you to please keep my friend Jamie Sams Chesson and her family in your prayers.  They live in New Jersey and have been without power since Sandy came through.  Today as their power came back on, it went off 5 minutes later with the next storm.  We all know how hard it is to get gas and supplies as we see it on the news.  My heart breaks.  Ironically we both have a Cash (yes same age) and Presleys (yes a few months apart) and this is very dear to me.  I can't imagine what they are going through, but I pray for strength and protection.  Power of prayer is so real and we know that because it helped her sister that you all prayed for some months back after a terrible accident.  Thank you so much.....

BBN Helps Sandy Victims.....

Congrats to the Big Blue Nation for raising over 500,000 for Hurricane Sandy Relief......Proud of You!

Fiscal Cliff What?

Yesterday it was election, today Fiscal Cliff.  For most they have no idea what this means for us or for America. I knew little, but found this very helpful.  What you need to know is for most you will see major changes in your taxes and healthcare costs at midnight Dec 31.  Yes in a short time from now.  Get educated and prepared.  You deserve to know.

The Fiscal Cliff Explained
“Fiscal cliff” is the popular shorthand term used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. government will face at the end of 2012, when the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect.
Among the laws set to change at midnight on December 31, 2012, are the end of last year’s temporary payroll tax cuts (resulting in a 2% tax increase for workers), the end of certain tax breaks for businesses, shifts in the alternative minimum tax that would take a larger bite, the end of the tax cuts from 2001-2003, and the beginning of taxes related to President Obama’s health care law. At the same time, the spending cuts agreed upon as part of the debt ceiling deal of 2011 will begin to go into effect. According to Barron's, over 1,000 government programs - including the defense budget and Medicare are in line for "deep, automatic cuts."
In dealing with the fiscal cliff, U.S. lawmakers have a choice among three options, none of which are particularly attractive:
  • They can let the current policy scheduled for the beginning of 2013 – which features a number of tax increases and spending cuts that are expected to weigh heavily on growth and possibly drive the economy back into a recession – go into effect. The plus side: the deficit, as a percentage of GDP, would be cut in half.
  • They can cancel some or all of the scheduled tax increases and spending cuts, which would add to the deficit and increase the odds that the United States could face a crisis similar to that which is occurring in Europe. The flip side of this, of course, is that the United States' debt will continue to grow.
  • They could take a middle course, opting for an approach that would address the budget issues to a limited extent, but that would have a more modest impact on growth.

Possible Effects of the Fiscal Cliff
If the current laws slated for 2013 go into effect, the impact on the economy could be dramatic. While the combination of higher taxes and spending cuts would reduce the deficit by an estimated $560 billion, the CBO estimates that the policies set to go into effect would cut gross domestic product (GDP) by four percentage points in 2013, sending the economy into a recession (i.e., negative growth). At the same time, it predicts unemployment would rise by almost a full percentage point, with a loss of about two million jobs. A Wall St. Journal article from May 16, 2012 estimates the following impact in dollar terms: “In all, according to an analysis by J.P. Morgan economist Michael Feroli, $280 billion would be pulled out of the economy by the sunsetting of the Bush tax cuts; $125 million from the expiration of the Obama payroll-tax holiday; $40 million from the expiration of emergency unemployment benefits; and $98 billion from Budget Control Act spending cuts. In all, the tax increases and spending cuts make up about 3.5% of GDP, with the Bush tax cuts making up about half of that, according to the J.P. Morgan report.” Amid an already-fragile recovery and elevated unemployment, the economy is not in a position to avoid this type of shock.
The cost of indecision is likely to have an effect on the economy before 2013 even begins. The CBO anticipates that a lack of resolution will cause households and businesses to begin changing their spending in anticipation of the changes, possible reducing GDP by a full half-percent in the second half of 2012.
Having said this, it's important to keep in mind that while the term “cliff” indicates an immediate disaster at the beginning of 2013, the impact of the changes - while destructive over a full year - will be gradual at first. What's more, Congress can act to change laws retroactively after the deadline. As a result, the fiscal cliff won't necessarily be an impediment to growth even if Congress doesn't address the issue until after 2013 has already begun.

Proverbs 31 Ministries

If you all are looking for a really good site to stop in on just to get in the word and a comfort of knowing someone understands, try out Proverbs 31.  I always go to the daily devotional and crave it each day.  There is always something in that daily teaching that I can relate with.  Check it out and make it a staple in your life.  They are doing amazing things.


Defining Moment

Today I woke up and realized I am in control and I'm extremely blessed. I woke to an amazing husband who works tireless hours to allow me to stay home and raise my children.  Today I got to read books, sing songs, dance and laugh with two of the most precious babies I know.  I got to sit and have our afternoon snack and talk on the deck with my son whom each word he tries to speak seems to touch me more than the last.  I had a meal on the table tonight, I had electricity to keep us warm on this gloomy day.  Most of all I had a voice to say our prayers to the one person in control of our lives within these walls.  To thank him for allowing me hope when I may not understand.  To have faith in the future and to find meaning in the reason behind his everything.

We may turn on the TV and see rants by political pundits who are trying to push for ratings.  We may see politicians in their suits and ties shaking hands trying to allow us to believe they are going to change the world.  The real truth, the only truth...is they won't.  This is the days we have heard of.  I may seem extreme and I probably have lost some supporters for being one who can't sit on the fence.  Yet this I'm extremely confident about.  So what do we do?

We as believers first get out our guide. Our instruction manual of how to live this life.  We block off the noise---the technology, the social media, the faces that scream for us to believe what they are selling.  Most of all we die trying to protect our kids from it at all cost.  You make faith your platform and you constantly remind yourself of the life you should live not that you want to live.  You remain honest about your wants and needs, about your priorities and you turn off the "entitlement" button.  You start being a factor of change instead of leaning on other people to do it and life to just take its course.

I will say this, today it may sting to see the way the world is shaping.  I didn't vote yesterday for economy I voted to protect my religious dignity.  I do not want a world where God doesn't exist or openly valued for my children.  I don't want a world where the bible has no meaning and where hypocrisy lies at every corner.  I want a world where we speak the truth.   We say what the bible says, not proclaim Christianity but with just a few exceptions. I pray that is the way the next few years will take us.

I'm a sinner. I openly talk and write about my faults.  I am able to do that due to the Grace of an amazing God.  In return I praise him at each turn and I will fight tirelessly to defend his honor and his desires for the way we live on this earth. I hope you all join me.  Some of us sit very idle and reflective today.  Lets not stop here.  We have even more of a mission now to be heard.  To defend our beliefs, to be stronger than we were yesterday and to speak the truth.  One thing you do need to understand.  Someone will always try to be louder than you, maybe more politically correct. Let them. Let someone else be the judge.

We have a lot of power of how we live our lives. Maybe that is the problem. Too many choices, to many distractions. I urge you to look very carefully at the choices you make here on out. Your choice in company you keep and the "things" you place value in, and the choices you make. These are defining times. Not just for our nation, but for you alone. They will continue to get harder by the day. Not because Democrat or Republican is in office...it's far bigger than that. Make the right choices today, You my friends have been given the power.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Verdict is In

Well the verdict is in after a long campaign, many Facebook/twitter battles--discussions of good and evil! I placed my vote for a platform I believe in...it fell short! So what was the upside to this election....I say a lot.

We learned a lot about differences in beliefs and about our friends! At times questioning their thoughts and words and wondering how you could like them so much but think so differently.

I guess the great thing about America is it is diverse and God always has promised to give us options the freedom to choose! The way we want to live and company we want to keep.

Today I'm well aware of what this election has proven to me and I don't take it lightly! In fact we may all serve well to make some changes! You see today was nothing more than words playing out....words written before we existed!

I pray tonight not only for our country, but more so for my family! Best words I heard tonight came from my husband! He held me and said now I go back to what I always do! Protect MY family.

Maybe that will be what it comes down to or more so protecting our faith! God bless our country, our children and our moral dignity!

Quote of the Day

“Voting is a right best exercised by people who have taken time to learn about the issues.”

- The Late and Great Tony Snow

Love For Country

You all were waiting for my election day post weren't you!  Yes I was there and I voted.  Standing in line a half an hour before the polls opened, I had a lot of time to reflect.  There around me stood many stories.  As I went by myself I just listened to them all.  A few Veterans catching up, telling stories of the good ole days when they were neighbors.  A few others chatting about the horrendous situation our fellow Americans find themselves with today.  No power still, barely getting by.  Wondering how they will stay warm and survive this next snow coming in tomorrow.  I couldn't help but get choked up.

Today I had a great privilege to voice my opinion to make a difference.  I thought of all those suppressed countries where women alone can't show their face yet alone voice any opinion they may feel.  I thought about my kids and how I hoped they loved their country like their parents do.  That I would instill what a responsibility voting was and how I hoped one day they would call me from wherever life takes them.  Just to tell me they were as proud as I was today.

I woke up this morning around 5 am.  I prayed.  Not that my choice for President would show a winner this evening, but that Gods will would be done.  I have never had peace like I do now that the way things should turn out that a bigger hand is in it.  So as I placed my vote today I know that no one can change the outcome of where this plan may take us, but I pray that whoever it may be will try best to uphold the commandments that we all should live by.

We Voted Today!  Romney/Ryan 2012.....Love For Country
Those "older" and "wiser" men and ladies around me could tell me many more stories.  I'm sure mostly how the times have changed not for the better.  How much simpler life used to be, how far away we have gotten. Yet we still have our freedom.  Our freedom to decide. I hope you exercised that today. Oh by the way we were feeling very Patriotic in our attire today:) Did you doubt it.......

Monday, November 5, 2012

Postpartum Thyroiditis

I strive to share everything about my life, as my husband shudders. I really do, it's really in my mission statement.  I'm an open book and I'm glad that I share things I can relate with others.  Sure there are things that maybe are a little uncomfortable about myself, maybe a little tarnished that I wish I could hide.  Yet what is the use.  If we can share our experiences to help others, maybe we are not doing what the Lord intended.

So it starts like this.  I'm driving and all of a sudden I can't breathe.  It feels like my throat is closing.  Or it is the night on last Thursday it strikes without warning.  I feel dizzy, my head feels a thousand pounds. I start sweating, and there it is again my throat closing.  As I look at my kids I realize this could be serious....praying my husband gets home soon.

Does any of this sound familiar. Although I've been through a lot in my life this surely wasn't familiar for me.  Typically the benefit of talking things through is you rid yourself of the trials and not having time to stuff.  Yet I knew what I was feeling was very real, even scarier that I had been stricken with a taboo "anxiety".

I'm not sure if new Moms have experienced this or maybe have and not known the cause but it's very real. I found out it is called Post Partum Thyroiditis and it comes on without warning. It is the cause of a Thyroid Dysfunction caused by pregnancy and if you are predestined with Thyroid problems even more the case.  The first four months your thyroid speeds everything up and the next slows down.  Ending around a year post partum.  I was experiencing hyperthyroid causing my body to feel anxious, hot, hair loss you name it.  I would pray for the other to come rushing in just to slow things down.

If you have experienced this or may never knew what it was it is starting to be diagnosed frequently today.  You are not crazy, or sick or dying like I thought.  It does go away in time, but it would benefit you to get it checked.  I realize now how much my thyroid has played in my health over the years. Cancer, female problems and even emotional.  I wish I would have kept up with it sooner and saved me a lot of time and problems.

I know now that I was worried about Cash so much.  Things just kept my mind occupied constantly.  Fear of a shoe dropping always.  These are things I was dealing with before the real symptoms occurred.

Please especially women who are more prone to this, get your levels checked.  If you are facing any of the symptoms below this could be the culprit.


Fav Posts of the Day.....

Although I'm doing great with most things on my to do list, I still have to check occasionally when I get a message or a pic tagged on FB...I saw these two posts by my friends today and had to share!  Surely both are so true and very dear to my heart! Thanks Friends for sharing:)

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Looks like my son already needs a little talk on bullying....Cash 2  Scarecrows 0

Kacey Musgraves - Merry Go 'Round

No better way one song could describe today as we know it.....

Quote of the Day

Pinterest Favs of the Day

                                                                   Peek out of your boots!

I am.....

Last night on Oprah's Lifeclass we reminded ourselves of the "I am" statements about ourselves. 
What "I am" statements will you start integrating into your life?
I'll share mine and I hope you start sharing yours, mostly with yourself!
I am creative. I am brave. I am strong. I am happy. I am blessed. I am favored. I am destined to thrive.


Recipes for You

So I know one thing that has really been effected by having two is planning meals.  Each week I rack my brain on what to make.  I end up at the store 3 or 4 times forgetting things due to being completely unorganized.  I've decided each Sunday I will choose 6-7 meals for the week, one dessert to eat off of and then make my list.  I did this, this morning and with two kids in tow was rather effortless.  I even already whipped up our dessert for the week.  The total for all meals, with some of the staples here and a few others was around $100.  I think this is cheap for a family these days. Here are my recipes and the links to them for this week.  Tune in each Sunday and I would love to give you some ideas. Don't forget to grab your breads with the meals below.


White Chicken Enchiladas

Crockpot Jambalaya

Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

Broccoli Cheese and Rice Casserole (I"m adding Chicken)

Crockpot Lasagna

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

Just Vote

No matter who you are going to vote for just vote!  We may all not be equal in many ways, yet the one thing we are is our right to voice our opinion.  One vote can decide an election.  Do it for our troops that fight for our freedoms such as this and lose their lives for them. 

One thing I will say do not vote for a party!  Do not vote for a person! Vote for the platform you stand for and educate yourself on what that is and choose appropriately....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

T-Minus 3 days!!!

Carrie Underwood - Blown Away

One of the most powerful songs to date.......

Pinterest Favs of the Day

                                                   My Vision Board Future Living Room

                                               Make up Cancun trip for us NYC at Christmas

                                                 Love everything about this dining Room: notice pop of color

                                                          Perfect Baby Shower Decor
                                                       FEMA supply recommendations take note

Daddy's Girl

Somehow I found the hottest Chef in Bama to come cook, and he digs my daughter LOL!  Greatest Dad ever:)