Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love For Country

You all were waiting for my election day post weren't you!  Yes I was there and I voted.  Standing in line a half an hour before the polls opened, I had a lot of time to reflect.  There around me stood many stories.  As I went by myself I just listened to them all.  A few Veterans catching up, telling stories of the good ole days when they were neighbors.  A few others chatting about the horrendous situation our fellow Americans find themselves with today.  No power still, barely getting by.  Wondering how they will stay warm and survive this next snow coming in tomorrow.  I couldn't help but get choked up.

Today I had a great privilege to voice my opinion to make a difference.  I thought of all those suppressed countries where women alone can't show their face yet alone voice any opinion they may feel.  I thought about my kids and how I hoped they loved their country like their parents do.  That I would instill what a responsibility voting was and how I hoped one day they would call me from wherever life takes them.  Just to tell me they were as proud as I was today.

I woke up this morning around 5 am.  I prayed.  Not that my choice for President would show a winner this evening, but that Gods will would be done.  I have never had peace like I do now that the way things should turn out that a bigger hand is in it.  So as I placed my vote today I know that no one can change the outcome of where this plan may take us, but I pray that whoever it may be will try best to uphold the commandments that we all should live by.

We Voted Today!  Romney/Ryan 2012.....Love For Country
Those "older" and "wiser" men and ladies around me could tell me many more stories.  I'm sure mostly how the times have changed not for the better.  How much simpler life used to be, how far away we have gotten. Yet we still have our freedom.  Our freedom to decide. I hope you exercised that today. Oh by the way we were feeling very Patriotic in our attire today:) Did you doubt it.......

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