Monday, November 5, 2012

Postpartum Thyroiditis

I strive to share everything about my life, as my husband shudders. I really do, it's really in my mission statement.  I'm an open book and I'm glad that I share things I can relate with others.  Sure there are things that maybe are a little uncomfortable about myself, maybe a little tarnished that I wish I could hide.  Yet what is the use.  If we can share our experiences to help others, maybe we are not doing what the Lord intended.

So it starts like this.  I'm driving and all of a sudden I can't breathe.  It feels like my throat is closing.  Or it is the night on last Thursday it strikes without warning.  I feel dizzy, my head feels a thousand pounds. I start sweating, and there it is again my throat closing.  As I look at my kids I realize this could be serious....praying my husband gets home soon.

Does any of this sound familiar. Although I've been through a lot in my life this surely wasn't familiar for me.  Typically the benefit of talking things through is you rid yourself of the trials and not having time to stuff.  Yet I knew what I was feeling was very real, even scarier that I had been stricken with a taboo "anxiety".

I'm not sure if new Moms have experienced this or maybe have and not known the cause but it's very real. I found out it is called Post Partum Thyroiditis and it comes on without warning. It is the cause of a Thyroid Dysfunction caused by pregnancy and if you are predestined with Thyroid problems even more the case.  The first four months your thyroid speeds everything up and the next slows down.  Ending around a year post partum.  I was experiencing hyperthyroid causing my body to feel anxious, hot, hair loss you name it.  I would pray for the other to come rushing in just to slow things down.

If you have experienced this or may never knew what it was it is starting to be diagnosed frequently today.  You are not crazy, or sick or dying like I thought.  It does go away in time, but it would benefit you to get it checked.  I realize now how much my thyroid has played in my health over the years. Cancer, female problems and even emotional.  I wish I would have kept up with it sooner and saved me a lot of time and problems.

I know now that I was worried about Cash so much.  Things just kept my mind occupied constantly.  Fear of a shoe dropping always.  These are things I was dealing with before the real symptoms occurred.

Please especially women who are more prone to this, get your levels checked.  If you are facing any of the symptoms below this could be the culprit.

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