Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Defining Moment

Today I woke up and realized I am in control and I'm extremely blessed. I woke to an amazing husband who works tireless hours to allow me to stay home and raise my children.  Today I got to read books, sing songs, dance and laugh with two of the most precious babies I know.  I got to sit and have our afternoon snack and talk on the deck with my son whom each word he tries to speak seems to touch me more than the last.  I had a meal on the table tonight, I had electricity to keep us warm on this gloomy day.  Most of all I had a voice to say our prayers to the one person in control of our lives within these walls.  To thank him for allowing me hope when I may not understand.  To have faith in the future and to find meaning in the reason behind his everything.

We may turn on the TV and see rants by political pundits who are trying to push for ratings.  We may see politicians in their suits and ties shaking hands trying to allow us to believe they are going to change the world.  The real truth, the only they won't.  This is the days we have heard of.  I may seem extreme and I probably have lost some supporters for being one who can't sit on the fence.  Yet this I'm extremely confident about.  So what do we do?

We as believers first get out our guide. Our instruction manual of how to live this life.  We block off the noise---the technology, the social media, the faces that scream for us to believe what they are selling.  Most of all we die trying to protect our kids from it at all cost.  You make faith your platform and you constantly remind yourself of the life you should live not that you want to live.  You remain honest about your wants and needs, about your priorities and you turn off the "entitlement" button.  You start being a factor of change instead of leaning on other people to do it and life to just take its course.

I will say this, today it may sting to see the way the world is shaping.  I didn't vote yesterday for economy I voted to protect my religious dignity.  I do not want a world where God doesn't exist or openly valued for my children.  I don't want a world where the bible has no meaning and where hypocrisy lies at every corner.  I want a world where we speak the truth.   We say what the bible says, not proclaim Christianity but with just a few exceptions. I pray that is the way the next few years will take us.

I'm a sinner. I openly talk and write about my faults.  I am able to do that due to the Grace of an amazing God.  In return I praise him at each turn and I will fight tirelessly to defend his honor and his desires for the way we live on this earth. I hope you all join me.  Some of us sit very idle and reflective today.  Lets not stop here.  We have even more of a mission now to be heard.  To defend our beliefs, to be stronger than we were yesterday and to speak the truth.  One thing you do need to understand.  Someone will always try to be louder than you, maybe more politically correct. Let them. Let someone else be the judge.

We have a lot of power of how we live our lives. Maybe that is the problem. Too many choices, to many distractions. I urge you to look very carefully at the choices you make here on out. Your choice in company you keep and the "things" you place value in, and the choices you make. These are defining times. Not just for our nation, but for you alone. They will continue to get harder by the day. Not because Democrat or Republican is in's far bigger than that. Make the right choices today, You my friends have been given the power.

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