Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Verdict is In

Well the verdict is in after a long campaign, many Facebook/twitter battles--discussions of good and evil! I placed my vote for a platform I believe in...it fell short! So what was the upside to this election....I say a lot.

We learned a lot about differences in beliefs and about our friends! At times questioning their thoughts and words and wondering how you could like them so much but think so differently.

I guess the great thing about America is it is diverse and God always has promised to give us options the freedom to choose! The way we want to live and company we want to keep.

Today I'm well aware of what this election has proven to me and I don't take it lightly! In fact we may all serve well to make some changes! You see today was nothing more than words playing out....words written before we existed!

I pray tonight not only for our country, but more so for my family! Best words I heard tonight came from my husband! He held me and said now I go back to what I always do! Protect MY family.

Maybe that will be what it comes down to or more so protecting our faith! God bless our country, our children and our moral dignity!

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