Friday, November 9, 2012

Update on the Bama Zimmers!

Well I know I talk a lot about the fam, but really haven't given many updates lately so here is the synopsis!

The chief, Daddy, is doing good! Traveling more with work and getting to do some pretty neat things! Just went and toured the new Cowboys stadium with HP and Talon folks! Went on the field and his seats were ridiculous! Loves his team at work as we all know, so do I! Excited for Basketball season, depressed about the departure of Dodge in NASCAR and the Bengals failure to show up this year! Working extra hard and looking forward to the Fiscal Cliff in a month (enter sarcasm)

Cash Man- a future preacher we are certain! He can give a sermon like no other although we can't understand a lot of what he is saying! He gets to stay home full time with the girls now...made the executive decision to enjoy him full time while I can! Loves sissy now so much and plays with her all the time! Also very protective when she is upset! Has developed a convenient cough and foot disorder when he wants something! His favorite word is please and what's that! Mostly he is one of the most happiest kids I know! I'm proud of that....

Sissy oh sissy! The true Princess. Life is a cake walk for her it seems! All she does is smile and her eye contact is one for the record books! Never in a hurry and whistles wondering through life it seems truly her fathers child! Laid back its all good attitude! Sweet doesnt describe it. We roll already laugh and babble constant, but I will hold the record for the loudest kids! She is surely contagious I will say that!

Momma is good! Striving each day to Get this momma thing right! Loving her hubby, writing a lot and missing home more than ever! Really challenging myself spiritually...of course as always struggling with health, but I have just decided that may be my platform on this earth! Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism this week we start another battle, but with The Lord this too shall be ok! Already thinking of Christmas Decor and addicted to Pinterest! Only problem is it gives me ideas to hire someone to do it! Again looking forward to the Fiscal Cliff:)

Overall we couldn't be more blessed! Our kids are the coolest and as they say love grows stronger overtime we are surely seeing that play out! Our chaos is a beautiful thing!

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