Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prayer Warriors Needed

It's always hard to watch real life dire situations happening to our fellow Americans, but even more so when it is happening to your good friends.  I ask all of you to please keep my friend Jamie Sams Chesson and her family in your prayers.  They live in New Jersey and have been without power since Sandy came through.  Today as their power came back on, it went off 5 minutes later with the next storm.  We all know how hard it is to get gas and supplies as we see it on the news.  My heart breaks.  Ironically we both have a Cash (yes same age) and Presleys (yes a few months apart) and this is very dear to me.  I can't imagine what they are going through, but I pray for strength and protection.  Power of prayer is so real and we know that because it helped her sister that you all prayed for some months back after a terrible accident.  Thank you so much.....

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