Thursday, September 6, 2012

Be a Real Witness

Today we live in a world that is far from Andy Griffith, I love Lucy and  the good ole' Lassie days. When all we had to worry about was sitting down at the right time for dinner and the kids getting to bed on time.  Now we are scared to take our children to the movie theater in the chance a gun man that has had to much to bear in his childhood ,will take the life of mine.

Politics isn't about good ole fashioned debates, it's now become spiritual warfare.  God is booed, killing babies cheered for and all we can do is sit back and watch.  Place blame on who? It must be the President, it must be our neighbor who is liberal and it must be the parents fault--definitely the parents.  Yet when the truth be known, march right in the  bathroom and take a good hard look at yourself.  You my friend are to blame.

We've all fallen trap to the societies norm. Filling up our kids schedules by the age of two, working for the American dream except it looks far different these days.  Now it's two expense SUV's and a mortgage you have no business paying. As the national debt continues climbing, now over 16 trillion, give yourself a big pat on the back because most of us have contributed largely.

Taking God out of politics is the problem? No we took God out of our lives.  No I'm a Christian we say....well you may call yourself that but the way you carry your life screams a far different story. That is exactly why no one is buying in to your so called religious life, where there is no action only words its very hard to believe.  I am going to be the first to tell you I wanted to fire off a political rant today on this blog, my forum.  About how awful Democrats were.   I am honest when I say I didn't sleep a wink last night thinking about the images of people booing  God and cheering abortion.  I was sick.  I  prayed hard and I didn't get pity. All I heard  back was you haven't done your job for me.   

You see I love God.  I believe in God.  I adore him in fact.  Although my feelings are touching, my actions towards others would say a lot more.  You see that is what has happened, those exact  people booing haven't gotten to know him , his amazing story.  They look at the bible beaters, the accusers and the hypocrites and they want nothing to do with our so called forced religion. They feel condemned, beat down and an outcast.  They haven't even wanted to get to know the God we do. Freely finding his love, his grace, his mercy.  All it has done is pushed them farther to the extreme creating far more problems that we could have ever foreseen.

I'm a Republican not because of my religion, but because of my beliefs. I  feel strongly against abortion, I'm strongly an advocate of traditional marriage, and limited Government.  These are strong beliefs as the opposing side has their views. These issues alone have caused great division in our country on value alone, but now it's more than that.  It's a battle of good vs.evil and the sad thing is our children are on the losing end.  Today I ask you not to vote, not to judge and not to rant. I ask you to pray for our country.  Pray to strengthen your faith, so maybe you can be a true witness to what the  word "God" really means.

If you get time please read this amazing article that touches on many things I highlighted.  Worth your time.

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