Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween is it a do?

Halloween should or shouldn't we.  Man I have debated this topic over and over, and not to sound like a bible beater, but more and more I understand what others mean by not celebrating it.  Is it mean to your kids that they can't dress up, eat rotten candy for days and be allowed to junk up their parents house with tacky decor. I don't know if it is that or if it is just the message and undertone of this holiday.

On all the cartoon channels it is Halloween bonanza.  Shows on Disney today about vampires.  I purposely watched it, as my son gazed on.  I'm glad at 2 he may not remember that Mom let him at a young age watch shows about vampires.  Sucking blood, jumping out of windows-- at that point I turned the clicker fast.  Knowing Cash, he will be trying to fly later today.  Yet it just didn't give me any positive vibes about this ever celebrated day.

Our neighborhood is Halloween Obsessed.  When we first moved in my husband, who detests the holiday, said he refused a blow up in the yard. It took a kid and four years later until I suprised him with the biggest archway blow up I could find last year.  Of course as I plugged it in for the first time, it blew all the fuses in our house the night of trick or treat.  A mere $50 blowup on sale now cost us $300 he reminded me,  yet we laugh to this day about my attempts to play got ya---joke was certaintly on me.

I happened to listen to the radio the other day and my favorite dj's Rick and Bubba had nothing nice to say about it.  As all know they preach all around the south, and feel as a Christian it is not the right thing to celebrate.  In fact many home schooled kids I know aren't allowed.  Evil seems to surround the holiday: witches, black cats, bats, demons, monsters and vampires.  It's amazing kids want anything to do with it.  I have concluded it is a personal decision and though my attempts to look down on it or actually detest it---will have little impact on the nation of those who live for the next year.  I will give you something to just think about.  Halloween should you or shouldn't be the judge.

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