Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Road often traveled......

So there is a strip of downtown Birmingham that I've grown to be very fond of.....not for its beauty or desired community. No, it's actually one of the worst areas of the city. As fast as I have to travel down it, I want to be out to see that interstate sign again. You see it is the road that gets me from UAB hospital to the interstate back home.

The other day I was heading back down that same road, and a thought came over me. How many memories have down this route. Over the past five years many. Some that were so difficult not even the windshield wipers on high, could have helped me see from my tears anyway. So many travels of disappointment whether cancer struggles or infertility. Yet then so many of immense revelation and joy.....after cancer was cleared, Gods miracle divine intervention to have my son and yes again seeing a girl written across that ultrasound screen.

I thought the other day how much I had grown each trip in that same spot and also how much I've continued to struggle. There it dawned on me. No matter what the time looks like, never will it look the same. We travel down familiar roads each day. Whether it be on our way home from work, to the grocery store or back home to see friends and family. We always notice that something has changed. Things look different, seasons change and "change"being the constant factor that we will always know.

Life is just like these roads. Worn by routine, storms and journeys. There can always be improvements made, but the underneath always has a story to tell. So next time you are cruising down your familiar path make note of the beauty of today. Tomorrow will always have another story to tell........

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