Monday, September 30, 2013

I laughed today....

I laughed today. Bent over, belly jiggle, cheek hurting laughed today. I couldn't stop. There was a joy so deep in me it would have been near impossible to throw me off. I found laughter in circumstance, in a simple genuine text, the kids next doors simple innocence. There was joy surrounding me.

I decided today our new family mantra is find happiness in circumstance. If I have found anything, it is that you can't hope the next day will be easy, you just have to be content no matter where it ends up.

Laughing is not such a big deal to some people, they either have learned the above lesson already or they are just born with it: I envy those people!!! It hasn't come easy for me this fact when you've went months without laughter and joy....ridden with fear and anxiety....these days stop you in your tracks. It's beyond an answer to's a miracle.

My text to my friend tonight read: I'm healing. Thank you for traveling through the Valley with me. If you've ever been through a valley, you can appreciate that shepherd God places you with to lead you through. They love you at your worst, rejoice in your best.

We never know when we will see the seas parting, but if we keep paddling one day you just end up closer to the other side. God is good at many at quiet details with big outcomes. So tonight as I lay down I first thank God for a blessed day. Then I pray tomorrow I find contentment no matter where the day takes us...then I'll add but today felt really good:)

Have a blessed present my friends:)

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  1. Traveling the valley is never easy but it makes these moments precious. I told someone earlier. Every day is a gift. Make your focus about creating a memory that you will remember. Make each day count. I love you and am so blessed to call you friend. Life has pulled us away from each other lately but always know I am still here but a phone call away!