Sunday, March 23, 2014

Facebook Post of the Week

Oh my dear friend Jamie Sams-Chesson, Way to be a voice for my conviction movement without even knowing..... way to go Roomie!!!
Keep a realistic outlook on social media people. Don't we all know by now nothing is "perfect". Don't be one who breeds jealousy, envy, competition, confrontation and hate. Instead use social media to feel happiness for others, compassion, for inspiration, support and ideas, and most of all keeping a connection w friends and loved ones who may be miles away!!! If u feel annoyed by other people joys or views there's a great feature called block or delete! Keep those beautiful pics of your kids coming or the selfies that make u feel beautiful or the adventures and experiences u are so lucky to enjoy! I love sharing That w my friends and family! That's just my thought for the day! Hahahhaha

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