Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Creative Geniuses Wanted

So it's time for me to become serious about the blogging industry along side my writing.  I've tampered with it for gosh now 6 years, but with much convincing I'm ready to invest.  You all are familiar with my writing and know most revolves around the challenges us women and Moms struggle with and mostly inspiring faith filled messages. 

I need a catchy name.  I've decided to hire Blog Maven for design and coaching, due to rave references.  Yet I don't want someone who doesn't know me intimately to create a lasting blog name that I want to define everything I am seeking.

So who better to ask then you.  My readers. My friends.  Any great ideas for a catchy title would be fantastic.  You can comment on my blog or write me and email/Facebook    

I really need your help and would love your input.  Bama Bound Zimmers and Sweet Tea Darling (which just reached 10,000) has told my story through a journey of 6 years.  As a new wife, a new Mom, a new Alabamian.   With the move home in the works, and a new beginning coming it's time for me to really invest in my passion.  To push forward.

Thanks ahead of time, can't wait to read your suggestions.


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