Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where my Introverts at?

I ran across this picture on a friends Instagram today that shocked me.  She was an Introvert? Reading her social media, seeing all her awesome amazing pictures of her social life, and not to mention what an amazing gorgeous friend she is.  Just took me back a bit. This was sent to her and as she said fit her to a tee.  I was beyond floored.  Makes you think truly this quote is one of the best I've found on judgement that introverts often find laid on themselves.

I thought to myself Hallelujah, someone else that I could relate to.  I was having another conversation about this with another friend some time back.  We talked about our kids personalities and what that would mean.  She opened up about her introversion and how sometimes that makes her feel a tad left out and a tad insecure.  Yet she knew herself and I respected that.  One on one porch talk fantastic, a large crowd of loud new people exhausted her before she even got her shoes on. Boy could I relate.
To introverts they gain energy from introspection and reflection.  A great hour long deep talk with a friend can fuel or creative energy for days.  On the other hand walking in a big room of strangers, nearly depletes them before they walk through the door. They call it now "social anxiety". Lets just call it what it is and let people not feel so strange for it.  We were designed this way.  Trust me the world needs lots of Introverts. Extroverts plan one heck of a party, but on the flip side lets be honest. God loved his dinner table of wine and bread and gathering.  He also liked those quiet connections where one helps another.  Hence why God made Introverts and Extroverts. I say instead of labeling, lets just feel blessed he did.
Most who know me and my past knows I'm complex.  I'm a highly creative spirit.  I'm very open and loving.  Very much open about my life. I'm beyond creative and the least not shy.  I love meeting new people and my close friends are my life line.  I love laughing and sharing with them and spending fun nights out with them. Not every night oh Lord no.  Yet it wasn't until I was put out of that comfort zone I truly realized how introverted I really was. 
 Moving somewhere new it was really hard for me to find those relationships.  I felt exhausted at 30 years old to rebuild a life socially. So at that moment I did what this once closet Introvert never thought she would do.  I embraced it, I got on my knees and said these words.  God please send me my "God Friends." That to me was just people who could speak quietly the truth to me, and embrace me for what I then knew would be the hardest 5 years of my life I couldn't run or party through.  Boy did he ever answer my friend.  Where once there was more than many, he sent me a few.  Yet those few have taught me all I ever needed about myself, about my faith and about where I wanted to get to.
So today instead of labeling yourself with social anxiety, shy, outgoing or life of the party.  Lets just find out who we truly are.  I do think the label Introvert and Extrovert are important in more ways then one.  They tell us a lot about our hidden desires, happiness and why we struggle. In order to be the best and to fulfill Gods plan for us I think each chisel comes with self awareness.  I'll get you started. Take this quiz and go from there. 
 My little Extrovert, Presley ( never would know it) seems shy and observant, yet loves to be surrounded. Just like her Daddy. My little Man my Introvert, who is full of fire, is exhausted, whiny and irritable by the time I get him to the car.  People who know him say not Cash.  I say yes Cash.  He wants nothing more to be in company of those he feels close to in small groups, talking, snuggling and there I find the Cash I truly enjoy.  Maybe we should all look to our kids who seem irritable and take this into account. Or on the opposite bored who needs to be surrounded.  Praise them for who they are and stop making them who they AIN'T....AS THEY PROUDLY SAY IS CORRECT here in the south:)
Lots of loves my lil' Intro and Extros out there you all are beautiful
xoxo  MZ

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  1. I scored 39.

    "According to your results you appear to be the type of person who doesn't socialize often. You likely have a limited social network, and possibly aren't really interested in extending it beyond a few close and intimate friendships. Having an active social life apparently isn't the most important thing to you. Chances are that when the opportunity arises to socialize among a large group of people, you'll likely turn it down if possible. This doesn't necessarily mean you don't enjoy socializing or being around people. Rather, you generally prefer spending time with smaller groups of friends. Individuals who score similarly to you typically aren't conversation-starters, especially with people they aren't familiar with. In addition, they aren't known to be exceptionally outgoing, unless among close friends. "

    I think this is a fairly accurate summary of me. I'm not a small talker I find it tedious and boring. I have a few really close friends and a lot of acquaintances. :) Pleasuring reading your thoughts, Mandy. :)