Monday, March 17, 2014

Join my World.....

One of my favorite things in the world is to learn about others. How they think, feel...what advice they can share.

In fact one of my favorite quotes
 So I thought it would be a fun experiment to learn a little about myself and share with you over the next week.....

1. If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?
Surround myself with pleasure. Honestly who doesn't long for the riches, food, drink and fun this world has to offer. Life is short after all. Yet as a child of God my fear keeps me grounded and eternity focused/disciplined. I'm grateful for my greatest fear which is not pleasing my desires in this short time, but pleasing my God for his faithfulness to me.
2. What was your biggest worry five years ago, do you still feel the same about it at this minute?
Being able to have a baby. I was battling female cancer amongst severe endometriosis and infertility. 7 surgeries later, cancer free and two babies I've learned a lot. Gods plan is perfect in his way, his time and never short of miraculous. 
3. What advice would you give the ‘5 year old you’?
Enjoy today. Not plan for tomorrow, just today. Life is so in your favor then. Your mind innocent, body resilient. Cares simple. Soak it up.
4. Can you picture the child you once were, what were they really good at?

Great at anything creative. Loved creating. Whether it be a dance for a talent show, a new cheer for try outs, an outfit to model, a scene for my barbies and pretend students in my make believe classroom. My imagination and creativity define me.
5. Who did you last gossip about, how do you feel about it now?
I won't say names but I think all women struggle with this. I feel terribly yucky of course. A great line in the kids show Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We tend to talk about those who we long to have something we possess. Humbly I agree with that.
6. What promises have you never carried through for yourself?
I won't seek approval. Church yesterday was all about joy. Approval seeking is such a joy killer. I realize sadly I will never be enough to the world, yet everything to my God. Yet I struggle with needing to feel accepted from those who really can't fill me like my relationship with my Lord.
7. If you could change one law of your country, what would it be?
No prayer in school. When Children are raised without his word, his promise they lose that safe place. Instead of having to pay for private school for my kids to receive this, I want it for all of our kids and teachers in every school.
8. Have you ever expected ‘love in return’?  Did you get it?
I've always gotten love in return in the ways that were capable to give. Maybe longed for more or in different ways, never not received.
9. Do you play to work, or work to play?
I work to play. I'm the epitome of a Perfectionist. Always sacrificing fun thinking there is always something more responsible to be doing. 
10. When did you last laugh so much, it hurt?

This morning actually. Each morning I listen to Rick and Bubba.  For the southerners you know who this is.  They have a radio talk show each morning out of Birmingham.  Truly some of the funniest men I've ever heard. They always lift my day.
11. What’s the most marvelous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes?
I fondly remembering m husband driving me through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado the first time from the Denver airport to Beavercreek. I broke down in tears and prayed my Mom, who never would fly in her life, could vision this sight in her dreams. Truly breathtaking.
12. When did you last say thank you and sincerely mean it?
A lot this year I learned about the word gratitude. I learned about selflessness, friendship and Gods provision. My babysitters Carlin, Keri and Angelica. To my neighbors Derenda, Kim, and Michele. My friend Nicki who carried me through a solid 2 years of transformation in health physically and mentally. They will forever be my angels.
13. What’s your number one priority?
My faith. It's all I think about truly. This is new to me and so overwhelming at times. Yet without it I can't survive this world.
14. Who do you need to get in touch with because it’s been to long?

So many. Its a standard joke and curse my love now of social media. Its a sick and twisted thing.  Living 7 and 9 hours away from my homes, I feel like its my way of feeling connected when life happened.  Being off of it for lent I feel I really need to get in touch, but its balance.  Being in touch can take many forms for many people.  My husband always jokes. You talked to her? Did you pick up the phone and call, meet her for lunch or did you email, text or FB.  To him that isn't true connection. To myself with 2 kids under 3.  That is the blessing I need in those words on the screen. Fights the loneliness somewhat.
15. What relationships have ended? But you can’t let go? 

My relationship with the what if.  I'm a person that was trained and inherited the worry gene.  I must ask myself what if subconsciously I catch myself thousands of times a day.  When I was saved I thought that would go away.  It hasn't.  It's a struggle with faith, but each day I dig in the word and work on it.  That is all I can do.

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  1. I wondered where in the heck you went! I figured you were off the social media! I love reading your insights and learning about your life. I, too, like to keep in contact with people via the web. Life is so busy and I don't have small children but I love seeing others kids, learning about their successes and struggles. I may steal this and make it my own. :) I'll of course write my own answers. Love you from Ohio. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.