Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What we give up, we gain!!!

Giving up Facebook is rather enlightening. Free in a sense. It seems we fear not knowing, when not knowing is a breath of fresh air. I actually get text and emails wondering how we are, kinda makes you feel loved even more. Seems sometimes what we dread giving up, seems to be just thing to do to gain everything in return. Maybe peace.

Yesterday I had my one month follow up since being diagnosed as Celiac. Yes one month without what I once called comfort, now I call toxic. Gluten. Boy was today proof of healing, the reward of discipline. My blood tests came back. In the first time in a solid year, no longer vitamin D deficient, no more anemia, no more thyroid antibodies. In one month already 7 pounds down.

I'm still healing but if this isn't testimony not sure what is. Praise God!!!  Continued prayers as I continue through the path of wellness. Since being diagnosed, I've been able to lead and help others to answers. I've accepted my portion given, as his glory. As a way to serve. It brings meaning in the middle of a storm, where in the past I felt a wanderer in the middle of a desert.

I found this awesome passage in the midst of my current bible study, Calm my Anxious Heart.

"I know of no greater simplifier in all of life. Whatever happens is assigned. A quiet heart is content with what God gives."

I think with each portion of our cup filled, we learn more and more these things.

1. We aren't in control
2. We are stronger then we think.
3. It's always ok. He is working.

More so we learn to have faith in God, we learn this journey that is laid out is good. So very good. In his time, in his ways. Our desires are always known..... Always appreciated..... Gratitude is always reciprocated.

I hope this finds my friends and family well. Our month of lent so far has been hopeful. I failed miserably with Web  MD and Google....but stellar with not logging in to Facebook. Chris is off soft drinks and grouchy but succeeding. Cash and Presley have failed miserably on no night wakings and time outs, lent may not be their thing:) Yet I say we all have made progress. Here is some gems of our days the past few weeks! Much Love Darlin's.....

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