Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Own your story....

The past few days have been amazing!  Not because I ran for the first time, OK maybe not the first but sure felt that way.  Not because my anxiety was gone, it still found me by the end of the day.  Not because my kids were good, well maybe they were at day care all day (may be on to something).  No because of You!

Yesterday and today has been eye opening.  One of those surreal days where I was receiving prayer request, when I was reading that people I love were turning to give God a chance, where I was receiving words of God opening doors and prayers answered.  People sharing their stories, their vulnerabilities.  Them being witnesses to a wonderful God.

Its those times where instead of beating myself up for letting the scary world into my truth, that it matters.  That people are freed to be themselves, that they are seeking the word ---the same experience.

I was driving home today from my second brutal training session when something came to me.  I want to be the kind of person that even the coldest hearts, the most guarded wants to somehow run and embrace.  They want to open that part of them and feel safe there.  I want to be change, not always seeking it idle. I want to know their stories.

Yesterday my son made it very clear to me I'm lacking in adult time.  He asked who I was talking to?  I had no idea I talk to myself.  Yes apparently it has come to that.  I said nobody buddy was I talking?  Yes Mom, were you talking to Jesus?  Truth be known I probably was.  I developed a habit last April to constantly speak to the Lord throughout my day.  Pray first.  I wonder if my talks to him sound as goofy as they do to my 3 year old.

I'm hoping yesterday I was practicing gratitude.  For my walk.  For You.  For your walk.  For you sharing it with me.  For the brokenness that surrounds ALL of us.  For the walls we will break down forever.  For the lives that will be changed through the truth tellers like us.  The seekers, the sinners. 

I pray I continue to get those amazing messages.  I hope we continue to work together for acceptance and change.  To hear blogs being written, people stepping out in faith for Gods calling, promotion and prayers for wise decisions made.  Own your story my brave friends.  This is what this whole thing called life is all about.  Not new homes, exotic vacations, luxury cars.  It all comes down to this.  Trust me we all at one point and time will get there.  Its a BLESSING!


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  1. Kudos to you my beautiful friend. It would appear that you are fulfilling YOUR purpose in life by inspiring others to find theirs. :)