Friday, September 6, 2013

In Perfect Time

Thank you for one amazing week of prayer and reflection into ourselves.  I've received many heart warming notes of inspiration and appreciation from some of you on how this week and the words have touched you when you've needed it most.  When I set out to do this small group which has been anything but small, I was nervous.  Who would really follow this with me, would people shun me or reject my words.  God is powerful and they haven't.  This small group just this week has grown to 90 by the end.  I pray even more come to this group in the weeks ahead and most importantly the words on my heart are directed to the ones who need it the most.

Today we will settle into our weekends to enjoy our football, our families and the activities we love.  Keep God in your forefront always, remember to pray no matter how simple or small the prayer and we will come together again Monday for another exciting week.

I come to  you today with humble requests for my own family.  Most of you know I had a sniffly 1 year old this week and most of you dont' know what we endure many days with our 3 year old little boy.  Cash is being tested for many additional problems with his thyroid and other food allergies other than gluten on Sept. 26th, Oct. 1st and Oct 3rd.  For 3 months he has had solid diarrhea and chronic stomach pain.  Last night despite our diet efforts, he crippled over in screaming pain that lasted an hour.  After my husband and I finally got through it together and with the help of our loving neighbors, we were emotionally exhausted. Seeing your son in so much pain at such a young age is not only frightening, but overwhelming.  Are we doing something wrong? Are they missing something already?  The thoughts continued.

I was giving Presley her vapor bath last night and the tears streamed and sobs came out.  I'm very overwhelmed.  For a solid year our immune systems have failed myself and my children.  Infection after infection, and illness lurks.  I was mad last night, I didn't believe this was our journey. How could this be.  We look weak in the eyes of others, no energy but words to give for people when we often feel so terrible.  Then the call came this morning.  We traced back to the beginning and found many answers of what is the reasoning.

One incident pointed them to all the answers they needed.  At 5 years old I had a severe allergic reaction to penicillin.  I've never been able to have it again.  Another to a Hershey's chocolate bar, severe hives and swelling. Still to this day I get sick if I eat chocolate.   Grass would break me out, couldn't wear bracelets the metals would tear up my wrists still to this day I don't wear a lot of jewelery because of this. I developed ear infection and chronic bronchitis all my life.  In college I developed Mono from Ebstein Barr Virus.  Then it attacked my thyroid at 22 years old.  I developed severe endometriosis another autoimmune disease at 24 and then as we all know another virus led to me developing Cervical Cancer.  A cancer only due to the fact I couldn't fight off the cells over and over.  Which led to 5 surgeries and 3 recurrences in 2 years.  I was healthiest in Pregnancy, which makes sense as your immunity naturally balances it out.  My Virus was gone and my cancer was stable.  4 months after pregnancy my body rejected me again and antibodies not thyroid disease struck my thyroid once again causing an overactive thyroid.  After this nothing has been right since.  Chronic Sinus problems and GI issues.  Nausea so extreme it's hard to get up in the morning.  Not to mention my body rejects every medicine I seem to take.

I have had such bad reactions to mosquitoes the past few years, whelps after whelps to the point people notice how horrible they look.  I could go on, but today finally I didn't need to.  They finally got it. I have so many allergies and intolerance I've put around and in my body for years that my immunity has weakened and body has rejected.  So today my prayer, through even the worst scenario of my baby boy in pain, has led us all to the pieces of the puzzle.  Nothing is more genetic than autoimmune disorders and allergies/intolerance. If the maternal side has it almost 75% of your children will adapt some or all of those issues.  I'm sad for that, but happy to know what it is. Mostly what we are going to do here forward about these things.  To give ourselves imperfect progress to health.  Maybe live life a lot more normally, maybe take a breath of relief if only for a month or two at a time.  Maybe by sharing this help someone else in the deep desperation we found ourselves.

We were tired, I was weary.  Just when I thought God was not going to step in he rescued us. I will be forever grateful for that.  Sometimes the worst situations, bring out the best outcomes.  Although we will have many more along this journey...I'm thankful that we know that there is hope.  With faith we can overcome this too.

Thank you for your prayers....they will work and they already have.

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