Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prayers for you Working Moms......

Well we made it through our first week of study of You asked for it.  I'm so blessed to be going through this journey with you.  I hope after this week you have seen Imperfect Progress. I will use this phrase often because at the end of this week this is the one thing I realized I personally need to change.  My race for perfection.  It has led to so much impatience and anxiety in my life, my marriage, and even my parenting I'm so sad to say.  Maybe that is when we finally get it, when Motherhood the greatest blessing of imperfection of all, shows us Perfectionist Type A's that we need to surely get in check with ourselves, our Lord.

I had a specific group laid on my heart this morning from the moment I raised my head.  Often times this happens, and I now love it so much because it leads my day of prayer and my outward focus.  Today working Moms was at the forefront of my mind.  The respect I have for these women is immense.  When I say working Moms I'm not speaking of the ones who work and put their careers above their children.  In fact I say a much different prayer for these women.  I'm talking of the ones who must work, or who even just enjoy their work and find a way to keep it in perspective and be a role model for their children. No task is easy.

What I want those women to hear today is encouragement.  To feel it the minute their cars take off for work and travel back home.  The minute they rush to get everything ready to make it to the bus, to the day care or to their jobs.  You are weary I know.  You have to be.  You are doing your best.  You may have forgotten something you should have done at home, for your kids.  That's ok.  No one is perfect, no one can do it all.  You must enjoy the imperfect progress you see in yourself, your children, your home each and everyday.

So this weekend enjoy the long days with your family.  Think about this prayer.

Dear Lord,

It's not easy. To be a Mom, To be a Employee, To be a wife and daughter.  Some days are harder than others.  Some days I feel I'm at my end.  No time to take care of myself, maybe like I'm failing in one area of my life.  Yet Lord my heart is in the right place.  With my focus on you, you can guide me.  Give me the peace and rest I need.  Take special care, with special eyes on my children when I can't be with them.  Put loving arms around them for a few hours while I'm away.  Lord please always guide my path of priority...make a way. 

In your name I pray......Amen.

Go be warriors you star Moms.  This Mom thinks the world of you.

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  1. Thank you! That IS encouraging, and as a working mom I appreciate the touching prayer. Right now at work, many of my coworkers are moms of much older kids. I don't feel like there is support there for the moms, who have to kiss their babies goodbye each morning before work, and then jam home after work to throw gear on kids, a snack in their gut, and jet off to football or soccer practice. Sometimes the desire for women is to achieve lofty goals at work, but we need to remind ourselves that this world is not our home, it's not where our heart belongs. The power of prayer gets me through each day, and I'm going to come back to this one tomorrow.